The Haunted Mansion is one of my all time favorite dark rides at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. I have been wanting to do a painting based on the classic attraction for quite some time now. Here is a look at the painting in progress on my easel from my home studio where I mainly paint at nights. The colors were chosen to mirror the color scheme of the attraction. The are a few hidden meanings in the painting. There are the two boys behind Mickey and Pluto -those are my two sons. They love Haunted Mansion as well, and they show up in many of my paintings if you look closely. I am also in this one. Then, if you look even a little closer to the bride and her new groom in one of the doom buggies, you will notice she has an axe hidden behind her. There are also some details hidden in the tombstones that are a nod to tombstones at the park as well as some of the imagineers behind this attractions.

I hope you can come by and see the real painting starting Jan. 17 at Epcot Festival of the Arts. I will be there too, signing my latest prints throughout the festival. Enjoy!