Off to Neverland

offTo Neverland_wgart

“Off to Neverland” Acrylic on Birchwood  22″ x 33″

This new original painting and prints will be available starting Dec.11 at The Art of Disney Gallery at Disney Springs. I will also be there signing prints etc. on Friday, December 11:  6-8pm and Saturday, December 12: 4-6pm. Hope to see you there!



The rough before the painting.

2 Responses to “Off to Neverland”

  1. Patricia Mc bride

    Hi Will
    Is ‘off to neverland ‘ still available as a print?

    Thank you

    Tricia mc bride

    • willgay

      Hi Tricia,
      Unfortunately, they did not make any prints of that one yet. Right now only the original is available. Keep checking with the Art of Disney Gallery because you never know. I hope they make prints of it soon as well!


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