Castle Flight

WG- Floating Castle_fb

UPDATE: You can now buy this print via the Shop Disney Parks App!

Acrylic on Canvas. This is a new large painting I just finished for the Disney Artist show that will be at the Art of Disney Gallery at Downtown Disney. The original will be available for purchase the evening of Nov. 14th at the gallery. I will be appearing and signing prints of this piece and others I’ll have at the event. Stop by and say hi! Nov. 14th 6-8pm and Nov. 15th 4-6pm at the Art of Disney Gallery at Downtown Disney in Florida.


10 Responses to “Castle Flight”

  1. Melissa

    I came across this piece during my visit in December and I thought it was simply beautiful. I only wish they would have had a smaller size available, but still you had many beautiful pieces on display.

  2. willgay

    HI Melissa, Glad you liked it! They should have some smaller prints and Giclees on canvas in stock now actually.

  3. Simone

    I absolutely loved this piece but just missed out on the smaller $40 prints by a day. It appears all stock has sold out (19th Jan) according to the Art of Disney store. Don’t suppose you have any to sell yourself? 😊

    • willgay

      Sorry Simone. Yes, I heard they went quick. Unfortunately I don’t have any prints that I can sell directly they will all have to be through the Art of Disney galleries. thx!

  4. Fabiola Zequeira

    They are already sold out (both prints and giclees), but may be in stock again in a few weeks. BTW, love the hidden Mickeys. My husband and I are big fans so we’ll be following up to make sure we get one. We’re already purchasing “Floating Along”. Beautiful work! May you have many years of health and happiness sharing your craft with the world.

    Do you ever sign prints on location? My husband and I visit WDW often since we’re Floridians. 🙂

    • willgay

      Hi Fabiola, Yes this one seems to be pretty popular and I heard they sold out rather quickly. So glad you like the hidden Mickey’s. I think there are 6 total (I think), I might have lost track even. Glad you got “Floating Along” and maybe “Castle Flight” will be back in stock again soon. I do signings occasionally at the Art of Disney, just keep an eye on the Disney Parks Blog or The Art of Disney website/blog for info on the next one. I have a lot of folks who will bring past prints and even my “OhNo” prints etc. to the signings and I am happy to sing them all! See you soon!

  5. Keith T. Garner

    Will, we just purchased your original Castle Flight painting today. My wife and I fell in love at first site this past Wednesday and stopped at the Art of Disney store again on our way to the airport. We’re planning on hanging it in a place where we’ll see it every day. We’re excited to have it in our home.

    It’s a great way to cement our memory of this trip!

    • willgay

      Hi Keith, Funny, I was just in there on Friday myself and checked on it. So glad the original went to a great home! Thanks so much!!

  6. Jay

    Hi Will me and my wife thought we still saw the original of this painting for sale today. Is it still available or is it a copy?


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