19″ x 25″ Screen printed posters. Signed and Numbered. Limited Edition of 50 Blue and 50 Grey. Acrylic screen printing ink on French Construction, Recycled White 80# cover. SOLD OUT at event Nov.12-14, 2010.

With the help of Adam Voigt, aka Hobo press, (a friend and co-worker at Yellow Shoes who built a custom screen printing set-up in his garage) this year I was able to hand print these pieces of art for the Festival of the Masters art event at Downtown Disney. The original art I drew with a Sharpie on Graphics 360 marker paper and scanned into the computer in order to output the film and then burn the screens. After that we mixed up some custom Grey, Blue and Red ink (and used straight Black from Speedball) and started pulling prints. The whole process took about 15 -20 hours spread over a couple of days. It was definitely worth it and a great experience. Can’t wait to do the next one!