“Jedi Noah Board”  7.5″ x 30″  Acrylic on Recycled Skateboard Deck

Painted for Noah.

For my latest skateboard painting I was inspired by a really cool kid named Noah. He is fighting cancer and has a Medulloblastoma (malignant brain tumor) and is the bravest little guy I have ever seen. He really loves Star Wars and his favorite character is Boba Fett. Because I was so inspired by Noah and his courage, I set out to paint him a board. I wanted it to be a mash-up of one of my characters (OhNO) and his favorite Boba Fett. So the Jedi Noah board was born. I can only hope this board may have some sort of special force too that will help Noah in his fight. May the force be with you Noah!

For more of Noah’s story and other kids like him fighting children’s brain
cancer check out